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    • nonoka75
      Regisztrált: 2009.03.15, Hozzászólások: 4
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      Due to cheating attempts in the past, we are forced to verify the
      details of new members randomly. We apologize for any inconvenience.
      In order to receive your $50+$100 bonus as soon as possible, we need you
      to send us a copy of your ID (front and back side). You may black out
      your signature and personal data on the back side. We just want to
      verify your general information(name, birthday and adress).

      In the case your registration data differs from your ID, please send us
      an additional document which confirms your place of residence. Your
      personal information is handled and kept in confidence. They are only
      used to minimize cheating as much as possible.

      You can either scan your ID-Card or take a picture of your ID-Card with
      your digital camera, but on condition that the copy is well readable. If
      you haven't got a scanner at home, you might easily scan and send your
      data in an internet cafe or at the post station. In the exceptional
      case, you can also send your data by fax, but please keep in mind to
      write down your PokerStrategy- user name (on the paper).

      Please send this ID-Card scan from your registered e-mail address to:

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