útlevél és bankkártya másolata

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      Üdv mindenkinek!

      Légyszi Segítsetek!
      Ki akarok fizettetni egy kis pénzt, de bizonyos adatokat kérnek.
      Az útlevél és a bankkártya másolatát kell elfaxolni nekik.
      A bankkártya másolatánál nem kell kisatírozni bizonyos számokat? Kinek mi a tapasztalata? véleménye?
      Várom a véleményeket. Ha a héten nem küldöm el nekik visszateszik a lóvét a pókeres számlára.
      Meg el kell faxolni nekik?
      nem baj ha elküldöm email.ba? nekik a support@titanpoker.com címre?


      szóval ezt küldték.

      "Dear ......,

      We are processing your withdrawal request for the total amount of €.......

      As part of our security procedures, we ask that you provide the following details:

      1) A valid ID, passport, or driver's license that shows the address currently registered in your Titan Poker account.
      2) Copies of the front and back of the credit cards you used to deposit in your Titan Poker account. If you no longer have one of these credit cards, a bank statement for the card in question will suffice.

      Once your faxes are legibly received, they will be placed in a secure file and you will not be asked to re-send them in the future. Additionally, having your faxes on file will facilitate other adjustments we periodically make to a players account such as an increase in the deposit limit or making any changes in account details that you may request.

      Please fax your ID to: Canada (toll free): Canada: 1-877-7895725 or International: +632-756-7907. If you prefer, you may scan the documents and e-mail them to support@titanpoker.com. On receipt of the above documentation, we will complete processing your withdrawal request.

      Please enclose your username when sending your documents to assist us in locating your account.

      Your cooperation on this matter is most appreciated.

      Please note, if after a week, we do not receive legible faxes, we will return the amount of your withdrawal request back to your balance.

      You may make your withdrawal request again but we must be in receipt of the required faxes before we can complete processing your withdrawal.

      Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the Titan Poker Support Team. "
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