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      in order to prevent fraud attempts, PokerStrategy requires its members
      to undergo a tightened identity check before receiving the starting

      For this we need the following photos from you:

      * A photo of the front side of the ID card
      * A photo of the back side of the ID card
      * A photo of your face alongside your ID card
      (i.e. hold your ID card next to your face when taking this photo.)

      All photos have to be sharp and clearly recognisable, only then
      can a fast processing and faster transfer of starting capital be ensured.
      The photos will naturally be deleted and not be used further after being

      Thank you for your understanding. We hope to soon receive your email
      with the photos attached.
      Please send it to the following email address: security@pokerstrategy.com

      Letudná vki fordítani? köszönöm :)
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