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Travis Trail's presents a beginners guide to limit omaha/8. In it he explains all the rules of the game along with fundamental basic concepts and some hand examples.


Beginner hand history review Theory Video

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  • FishermansFriend


    In his new video RainmanTrail introduces Omaha hi/lo!

    Please keep the comments in English!
  • Kogtistiy


    Hi, Rainman and thanks for another interesting video :)

    Sorry for a little spam - Could you please answer two old questions here: (comment #31)?
  • MetalistULTRAS


    OMG, i was really looking forward to watch that VID, but just hours ago i became Bronze (my Stars account where i play is not connected with PokerStrategy). What am i to do now? :(

    Anyway, Rainman, u're making cool VIDs keep going!
    Greets from Ukraine
  • Guesswhat


    @3: Question 2:
    Imo we should not defend with a K face up, as we are behind and our opponent perfectly can act against us on later streets. I prefer defending my bring-in with max. a J showing and two hole cards lower than his face card.
  • AngryJack7


    very nice explanation,i might start with omaha -kinda tired of hold em :P
  • MatejM47


    Hey i don't have much of experience with limit type games, but like in last example how do you protect your hand or bluff somebody out when you can only minraise and give him monster odds.
  • SanWogi


    @#7: You can protect against weak draws, but not against strong draws. In Limit Games people make errors by chasing weak draws or calling down with bad hands. And these errors sum up with the sample size. In Limit Games you generally suffer more suckouts, but fish tend to make spewy plays more often since they dont cost much per hand and it seems to them that they are successful by sucking you out at times.
  • RainmanTrail


    RE #5
    I'm not sure if you accidentally posted in the wrong video thread or not. However, in Omaha Hi/Lo we don't have any upcards. All 4 cards are concealed. The only exposed cards are the community cards just like in texas holdem.
  • RainmanTrail


    WARNING! The Q635 hand I had in the Big Blind at 38:30 is a poorly played hand post flop. This should be an easy fold in a 5 way pot with two diamonds on baord. I was trying to avoid strategy talk in this video as it is only an introduction, but I felt this hand needed pointing out. I'll be making a strategy video soon, perhaps I'll cover why this is a terrible play in that video if you guys would like.
  • RainmanTrail


    RE: #7
    Protecting one's hand isn't quite as relevant in limit games as it is in NL games. The majority of our profits in limit games will come from players calling an extra bet here and there because of the "hey, it's only one small bet more, why not?" mentality of our opponents. Players will often pay you off on every street when they are drawing dead. This happens much more often in limit than in NL. With that advantage however comes more suckouts. It's just part of the game. Being sucked out on in a limit hand is actually something worth celebrating. It means you are at the right table :)
  • RainmanTrail


    following up: there are some more intermediate level plays that we can make to protect our hand in Omaha Hi/Lo. I'll get into some of these plays in a later video.
  • Timpador


    Cant wait for the next vid, great job !
  • Kimber88


    Before I watch: Is this only limit?
  • CBFunk



    yes its "only" limit, video and article about PLO8 by Ribbo will be released soon
  • Banzhai


    At 6:01 "Typical structures allow one bet and three raises per petting round.." U mean betting round, dont u? :) Nice Video
  • Ribbo


    lol banzhai, not quite sure how I missed this first time round, but it is funny. :-)
  • TxPoker888


    Nice video, Rainman Trail, keep up the good work! A question though: When will your next Stud8 strategy video be publilshed? As a Stud8 player, I would really appreciate if you continued your Stud8 strategy series soon. There is not much content available for this form of Poker, and the wait between the different videos feels like forever.
  • buychips


    Great video!! I'm a player of NLHE but i will give a try on Omaha for sure!!!
  • RainmanTrail


    that's hillarious banzhai. Good find. I concur, it's 1 bet, 3 raises per petting round.
  • RainmanTrail


    I'm working on a stud8 video right now.
  • Kimber88


    Thank you. "only" might have been the wrong word. I meant "exclusively" - no hate at limit :D
  • BHSurfer


    I don`t understand the "counterfitted" thing.
    When I have a 2A54 hand and on the board is 2 3 4 5 8. Does it means that I do not have low hand because I am not allowed 2 use my counterfitted holdings 2 make a low?
    Is this only 4 the low like this? because of this "and a piece" possibility?
  • jbpatzer


    Lol @

    i) 'Omaha Hi-Lo is a good game in which to win a WSOP bracelet' (again!)
    ii) 'petting round'. Typo, or Freudian slip?
    iii) Sitting at a 5c/10c table with $233!

    Enjoyed the video. Thx v much.
  • RainmanTrail


    If you had A245 and the board is 23458, you still have a wheel because even though you "counterfeitted" you can still make a wheel using 2 cards from your hand and 3 from the board. An example where you are truly counterfeitted would be if you had A266 and the board came out 378Q2. In this hand, you would have nut low on the flop because you have A2 and there are 3 qualifying low cards on board. However, on the river, another 2 showed up and counterfeitted your nut low. The nut low would now be A4, but the best low you can make uses your A6 since the 2 no longer helps you. In this instance, we say you got "counterfeitted" because you had nut low on the flop, but no longer did on the river.
  • RainmanTrail


    Also, when we say, "and a piece" that means you are using one of the cards from your hand that is also on board. Example:
    234Q --A345J--
    We have A2345 for low because we can play our 2 and "a piece". We can either play 23 or 24, both the 3 and the 4 are "pieces" since they are also on baord.
    Another example:
    We have: A27K
    Board: --456TA--
    We would play our 2 and "a piece" to make 6542A low. This would beat out any player that had a 3 and "a piece" but would lose to a player that had both 2,3.
  • galer


    Question to the 1# hand: why there was no split pot? Villian had low hand, but You take whole pot 49.5$?
  • Guesswhat


    @9: Kogtistiy referred to his questions concerning your Razz vid.

    Sry for beeing off-topic!
  • RainmanTrail


    @28, It was a split pot, but the hh replayer doesn't know what to do with split pots, so it displays them incorrectly.
  • OnkelHotte


    @4: Have a look here:

    I bet you can get silver status easily by having 10 active days:)
  • Didelidi


    Is a 23456 lower than A3458?
  • Ribbo


    #32 read the hands as a number from the highest rank to the lowest.

    85431 is A3458
    65432 is 23456

    65432 is a lower number than 85431 therefore is the better low hand!