How To Play AAxx in Omaha Hi/Lo

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In this video TheIceman explains how to make the most money with aces in PLO8. First he will show you what influences the relative strength of your AAxx and how to evaluate your hand, then he'll go on with reviewing some interesting hand histories where he had aces in his hand.


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  • ZhukOFFskI


    ty. nice video
  • moveon123


    very nice video thank you for your effort
  • Amedeea


    I liked this video. TheIceMan, I hope you will do more.
  • SniffvsSnaf


    Thank you for that stuff - keep the good work on!!!
  • s6thomas


    nice vid.
    PLEASE give us some more...
  • TheIceMan


    to #3 datsmahname, 13.03.11 21:17
    in case above, of course short stack can't force you to change your decision to shove, moreover I definately think even if he had ~20bbs, for me it is 100% shoving situation, because your hand is so strong and flop is good enough

    to all^^
    thanks for your comments and feedback, I glad that you like the video )
  • authman


    It would be great another kind of similar video, not only with aces but about 5-10% of the PLO8 hands, in S&G's.
    By the way, great video!
  • alexgoncer


    two points to consider si te type of blinds and type of oponent do you have in the table.
  • Bliausmas


    Really cool video. I like to play PLO8 and it's awesome to see some strategy vids dedicated to it. Good work, guys!
  • datsmahname



    Hero has AATh4h --- 9d6h3c on the flop

    We're 3 ways vs 1 short stack & another player with 40bb. Commentary suggests to ignore the short stacked player.

    It seems like you're saying "whatever you would normally do HU & OOP vs the 40bb stack you'll do in this 3 way situation as well."

    I'm curious to know which situations a short stacked player would influence your decision process.

    I normally play LHE and often times a shortstacked player who's basically committed will make it easier for me to value bet because their entire preflop range is giving us 3 way equity up to their effective stack.

    To me this short stacked player does influence my decisions, whether they have slightly less than a pot sized stack remaining, or something as small as 1-3 bbs.

    Why is Omaha different in this regard?
  • datsmahname


    As a non-Omaha player I'm very interested in how this strategy would change in PLO hi.
  • FishermansFriend


    Some interesting PLO8 content for you! Enjoy!

    Please keep the comments in English!