The Poker Show: Bankroll Management with Lackoogcb

  • Rögzített edzések
  • NL BSS
  • $10
  • Shorthanded (5-6)
(9 Szavazat) 6922


Our community show host LemOn36 has invited Lackoogcb, a well known regular at high stakes Zoom No-Limit tables, who has a very entertaining and aggressive style of play. Together they discussed bankroll related topics including the advices on how to build your own bankroll and different management strategies.


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  • Snickers421


    Hi guys... thanks for your add. Your comments were a real eyeopener to me. I have a real good job and allways thought poker could be a great side income. But only because i thought i have a atvantage in knowledge about that game back in 2008. But over 100.000 hands (since i'm tracking myselfe) i'm a constant looser... even on micro stakes. I finaly realized that i totaly lost the track. Good! So... the game is evolving. Good. It's a thrilling competition. But don't u dare make a living out of that ;-)