Improve Your Red Line On The Flop (2)

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  • NL BSS
  • $10 - $200
  • Shorthanded (5-6)
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Second part of the new coaching series by asimos will help you to improve your red line already on the flop. If you missed previous episode, watch it here.


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  • kacsa1st



    As u mentioned there will be some guys who won t like the JTs, 33 hand in the beggining of the video. I am one of them :)

    JTs: i like the raise when we have the read about someone who changes his betsize according to handvalue on monoton boards.

    But before knowing that we should't use garbage hands (no EQ) to make notes for the future hands. We can wait to figure it out when we have set/flush/fd on those monoton boards.
    Btw when i cbet monoton boars i always uses 55-60%potsize on F (vs regs) i think theres no reason to bet bigger neither for value nor for bluf/semibluf.

    33: i understand your reasoning (not fan of it) but i think this is not the case here. I assume he is fish (according to stacksize, vpip) and i think he will cbet most of his opening range on Kxx board and that's why i like the raise vs him. He will fold much more than we need with this betsize.
  • asimos


    #2 TJs: you can wait of-course to raise with equity, this play is far from mandatory :)

    33: I exploit his bet size (assuming he is weak when under bets). This is not contradictive with him being a fish and cbetting more than he should :)
  • niveaformen


    Not sure why we don't make it to 8bb, it's not like we have bad hand vs fish and also our sizing doesn't impact much his calling range + it's easier to GII in 2 streets then when we hit.

    Bigger raise seems more +ev for sure.
  • niveaformen


    AJo is 1st hand in HH review.
  • niveaformen


    58min @AA

    facing xR,B, x BBvsBN on 762Q7

    Would you agree usually people bet all value hands (FH and 7x)?
    My thinking is that we should go with tank small bet 1/5pot and hope to get spew from random straightdraw (54,43,53,87,98,T8). Thoughts? Rarely seen xR,B,xR line as value
  • asimos


    AJ first hand? well you can raise larger, the thing is that he bets small on the flop, so I don't want to scare him... of course you can raise larger vs good flush draws and Jx... but his small sizing makes me feel that usually he doesn't have such a good draw ...

    Having that said, i don't think that raising slightly larger is bad.
  • asimos


    #7 I agree that most of the times they bet their strong... But, rarely they will slow play...also rarely they will spew if you bet 1/5.. (both events happen rarely). So you can do it but the EV between checking and betting small to call should be similar imo.
  • sutiplay


    Hi asimos! congrats for your videos I enjoy it a lot.

    @AJo What do you do on that flop if you miss it? Fish donks and this kind of player used to be a calling station. Would you give up in this point?

    Gracias máquina!!
  • asimos


    Hey, thanks, happy you enjoy the video :)
    well if I miss, depending of the board his sizing and my equity...

    But in general:

    If he donk bets small I might raise the flop as a bluff...or call with the plan to bluff later.,,

    If he donks large, since it is a 3bet pot and I don't have huge equity folding is fine